Whois: Orange Espagne SA

Hosting Company: Orange Espagne SA
Hosting ASN: AS12479
Hosting Address: Parque Empresarial La Finca,Edificio 9,Paseo del Club Deportivo, 1,28223 Pozuelo de Alarcon,Madrid, Spain,
Hosting Country: Spain, Madrid
Associated ASNumsAS20838

Orange Espagne SA ip ranges

# Range CDIR Ip count Name Location
1 - 66,536 UNI2-NET Spain
3 - 66,536 UNI2-NET Spain
4 - 66,536 UNI2-NET Spain
5 - 66,536 UNI2-NET Spain
7 - 8,192 JAZZTEL-TRIPLEPLAY Spain, Madrid
8 - 66,536 JAZZTEL-MOBILE Spain
9 - 66,536 UNI2-NET Spain
10 - 66,536 UNI2-ABI-NET Spain
11 - 66,536 UNI2-NET Spain
12 - 66,536 JAZZTEL-TRIPLEPLAY Spain
13 - 66,536 UNI2-NET Spain
14 - 33,768 JAZZTEL-TRIPLEPLAY Spain
15 - 131,072 UNI2-NET Spain
16 - 66,536 JAZZTEL-TRIPLEPLAY Spain
17 - 66,536 OrangeADSL Spain, Madrid
18 - 131,072 JAZZTEL-TRIPLEPLAY Spain, Madrid
19 - 131,072 JAZZTEL-TRIPLEPLAY Spain
20 - 66,536 UNI2-NET Spain

Orange Espagne SA domains (0 total)

# Name IP Rank Updated
No results

Orange Espagne SA users

# IP OS Browser Updated
1 Windows 10 Firefox 124.0 Last seen: 05.04.2024
2 Windows 10 Chrome 114.0 Last seen: 03.04.2024
3 iPhone Chrome 123.0 for iOS Last seen: 01.04.2024
4 Windows 10 Chrome 122.0 Last seen: 19.03.2024
5 Windows 10 Chrome 122.0 Last seen: 18.03.2024
6 Android Chrome 122.0 for Android Last seen: 05.03.2024
7 Unknown OS Platform Googlebot 2.1 Last seen: 29.02.2024
8 Linux Chrome 122.0 Last seen: 26.02.2024
9 Windows 7 Firefox Generic Last seen: 25.01.2024
10 Unknown OS Platform Googlebot 2.1 Last seen: 22.01.2024
11 Windows 10 Chrome Generic Last seen: 08.12.2023
12 Windows 10 Chrome Generic Last seen: 28.11.2023
13 Unknown OS Platform Googlebot 2.1 Last seen: 30.10.2023
14 Windows 10 Chrome Generic Last seen: 15.10.2023
15 Android Chrome Generic for Android Last seen: 11.08.2023
16 Windows 10 Firefox Generic Last seen: 09.07.2023
17 Windows 10 Chrome Generic Last seen: 19.06.2023
18 Unknown OS Platform DefaultProperties Last seen: 06.05.2023
19 Windows 7 Firefox Generic Last seen: 29.04.2023
20 Windows 7 Firefox Generic Last seen: 15.11.2022
Whois AS12479
info % This is the RIPE Database query service.% The objects are in RPSL format.%% The RIPE Database is subject to Terms and Conditions.% To receive output for a database update, use the "-B" flag.% Information related to 'AS12456 - AS12555'% Information related to 'AS12479'% Abuse contact for 'AS12479' is '[email protected]'% This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.103 (HEREFORD)
% See http //www.ripe.net/db/support/db-terms-conditions.pdf
% Note this output has been filtered.
as-block AS12456 - AS12555
descr RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
<< PEERS >>
-------- CSUC ---------
-------------- BOE -------------------
-------- CARRIER ENABLER -----
-------- TELITEC ---------
-------- SOFTWARE HOSTING---------
-------- CODINET---------
-------- CANAL DON BENITO---------
-------- GRANACABLE ---------
-------- TELPLAY ---------
-------- CABLEX ---------
-------- WIVA ---------
-------- NOSTRAVANT ---------
-------- ARCONET ---------
-------- CANAL DON BENITO---------
-------- EVEREX ---------
-------- TECNITIA ---------
-------- WIFI INTERSUR ---------
-------- A2Z TELECOM ---------
-------- VOZPLUSTELECOM ---------
-------- LEBRIJA ---------
-------- GESTIONIZA ---------
-------- ALBACETE SISTEMAS ---------
-------- EUROMADI ---------
-------- CAIXABANK ---------
-------- WAVECOMM---------
-------- NEXTRET---------
-------- APPLUS ---------
-------- INFORCELRA ---------
-------- AVANCEM AMB VOSTE ---------
-------- INDITEX---------
-------- NETLLAR---------
-------- CONSORCIO ---------
-------- WIFINITY ---------
-------- IDGROUP ---------
-------- ACACIO ---------
-------- BDE ---------
-------- TETRATEL ---------
-------- ZONAMBER ---------
-------- AENOR INTERNACIONAL ---------
-------- WIFIBER ES SL ---------
-------- AVANCEM AMB VOSTE ---------
-------- ADIF ---------
-------- AYUNTAMIENTO DE MALAGA ---------
-------- CUSTOS MESSIUM---------
-------- OESIA ---------
-------- GROUP_DSP ---------
-------- QUASAR ---------
-------- NORVOZ ---------
-------- HAPPYNET BE WIFI ---------
-------- ATOS SPAIN ---------
-------- GOBIERNO CANARIAS ---------
-------- LA VOZ DE GALICIA, S.A ---------
-------- ZITRO FACTORY ---------
-------- BAYMA ---------
-------- CTTI ---------
-------- APFUTURA ---------
-------- AGENCIA EFE ---------
-------- T2O ADMEDIA SERVICES ---------
-------- ZIPPING CARE SL ---------
spam, abuse reports....mailto:[email protected]
created 2018-11-22T15:27:24Z
last-modified 2018-11-22T15:27:24Z
source RIPE
RIPE # Filtered
RIPE # Filtered
aut-num AS12479
as-name UNI2-AS
admin-c HAF10-RIPE
tech-c HAF10-RIPE
import from AS5511 accept ANY
from AS3356 accept ANY
from AS16371 accept AS16371
from AS15699 accept AS15699
from AS35699 accept AS35699
from AS13041 accept AS13041
from AS13041 accept AS49638
from AS13041 accept AS33072
from AS20718 accept AS20718
from AS2686 accept AS2686
from AS8903 accept AS8903
from AS8220 accept AS8220
from AS174 accept AS174
from AS12357 accept AS12357
from AS39020 accept AS39020
from AS4589 accept AS4589
from AS6895 accept AS6895
from AS12338 accept AS12338
from AS31653 accept AS31653
from AS3324 accept AS3324
from AS16168 accept AS16168
from AS45037 accept AS45037
from AS15732 accept AS15732
from AS15915 accept AS15915
from AS13030 accept AS13030
from AS8928 accept AS8928
from AS12715 accept AS12715
from AS12386 accept AS12386
from AS6739 accept AS6739
from AS16338 accept AS16338
from AS766 accept AS766
from AS3262 accept AS3262
from AS9165 accept AS9165
from AS20921 accept AS20921
from AS25285 accept AS25285
from AS16289 accept AS16289
from AS49576 accept AS49576
from AS35116 accept AS35116
from AS42992 accept AS42992
from AS44652 accept AS44652
from AS39780 accept AS39780
from AS20838 accept AS20838
from AS35171 accept AS35171
from AS2114 accept AS2114
from AS24592 accept AS24592
from AS8311 accept AS8311
from AS12386 accept AS12386
from AS12386 accept AS-OCATCUSTOM
from AS15450 accept AS15450
from AS15450 accept AS198963
from AS51681 accept AS51681
from AS199652 accept AS199652
from AS41074 accept AS41074
from AS202766 accept AS202766
from AS202766 accept AS207058
from AS202766 accept AS206930
from AS202766 accept AS206853
from AS202766 accept AS56822
from AS202766 accept AS206430
from AS202766 accept AS206431
from AS202766 accept AS202676
from AS202766 accept AS207099
from AS202766 accept AS206657
from AS202766 accept AS206195
from AS202766 accept AS202825
from AS202766 accept AS202724
from AS202766 accept AS206833
from AS202766 accept AS201234
from AS197752 accept AS197752
from AS44278 accept AS44278
from AS62332 accept AS62332
from AS56571 accept AS56571
from AS56571 accept AS203534
from AS199738 accept AS199738
from AS202227 accept AS202227
from AS207702 accept AS207702
from AS204175 accept AS204175
from AS213399 accept AS213399
from AS212988 accept AS212988
from AS199589 accept AS199589
from AS197752 accept AS197752
from AS49650 accept AS49650
from AS206230 accept AS206230
from AS201105 accept AS201105
from AS199380 accept AS199380
from AS202147 accept AS202147
from AS47507 accept AS47507
from AS200595 accept AS200595
from AS62235 accept AS62235
from AS62235 accept AS3348
from AS64397 accept AS64397
from AS16383 accept AS16383
from AS44055 accept AS44055
from AS206954 accept AS206954
from AS210009 accept AS210009
from AS43618 accept AS43618
from AS48884 accept AS48884
from AS49851 accept AS49851
from AS43388 accept AS43388
from AS204748 accept AS204748
from AS62352 accept AS62352
from AS199434 accept AS199434
from AS199434 accept AS209803
from AS199434 accept AS203991
from AS3348 accept AS3348
from AS3348 accept AS207118
from AS209190 accept AS209190
from AS202125 accept AS202125
from AS20905 accept AS20905
from AS207405 accept AS207405
from AS59403 accept AS59403
from AS30937 accept AS30937
from AS208823 accept AS208823
from AS209259 accept AS209259
from AS2606 accept AS2606
from AS43388 accept AS43388
from AS15937 accept AS15937
from AS48864 accept AS48864
from AS202915 accept AS202915
from AS202915 accept AS207122
from AS24624 accept AS24624
from AS60551 accept AS20815
from AS60551 accept AS44280
from AS206642 accept AS206642
from AS208569 accept AS208569
from AS208569 accept AS211216
from AS200336 accept AS200336
from AS50429 accept AS50429
from AS44998 accept AS44998
from AS210944 accept AS210944
from AS211093 accept AS211093
from AS209858 accept AS209858
from AS39551 accept AS39551
from AS39551 accept AS21193
from AS39551 accept AS16153
from AS39551 accept AS25412
from AS60609 accept AS65530
from AS13137 accept AS13137
from AS207191 accept AS207191
from AS47312 accept AS47312
export to AS5511 announce AS12479
to AS3356 announce AS12479
to AS16371 announce AS12479
to AS15699 announce AS12479
to AS35699 announce AS12479
to AS13041 announce ANY
to AS20718 announce AS12479
to AS2686 announce AS12479
to AS8903 announce AS12479
to AS8220 announce AS12479
to AS174 announce AS12479
to AS12357 announce AS12479
to AS39020 announce AS12479
to AS4589 announce AS12479
to AS6895 announce AS12479
to AS12338 announce AS12479
to AS31653 announce AS12479
to AS3324 announce AS12479
to AS16168 announce AS12479
to AS45037 announce AS12479
to AS15732 announce AS12479
to AS15915 announce AS12479
to AS13030 announce AS12479
to AS8928 announce AS12479
to AS12715 announce AS12479
to AS12386 announce AS12479
to AS6739 announce AS12479
to AS16338 announce AS12479
to AS766 announce AS12479
to AS3262 announce AS12479
to AS9165 announce AS12479
to AS20921 announce ANY
to AS25285 announce ANY
to AS16289 announce ANY
to AS49576 announce ANY
to AS35116 announce ANY
to AS42992 announce ANY
to AS44652 announce ANY
to AS39780 announce ANY
to AS20838 announce ANY
to AS35171 announce ANY
to AS2114 announce ANY
to AS24592 announce AS12479
to AS8311 announce ANY
to AS12386 announce ANY
to AS15450 announce ANY
to AS51681 announce ANY
to AS199652 announce ANY
to AS41074 announce ANY
to AS202766 announce ANY
to AS197752 announce ANY
to AS44278 announce ANY
to AS62332 announce ANY
to AS56571 announce ANY
to AS199738 announce ANY
to AS202227 announce ANY
to AS207702 announce ANY
to AS204175 announce ANY
to AS213399 announce ANY
to AS212988 announce ANY
to AS199589 announce ANY
to AS197752 announce ANY
to AS49650 announce ANY
to AS206230 announce ANY
to AS201105 announce ANY
to AS199380 announce ANY
to AS202147 announce ANY
to AS47507 announce ANY
to AS200595 announce ANY
to AS62235 announce ANY
to AS64397 announce ANY
to AS16383 announce ANY
to AS44055 announce ANY
to AS206954 announce ANY
to AS210009 announce ANY
to AS43618 announce ANY
to AS48884 announce ANY
to AS49851 announce ANY
to AS43388 announce ANY
to AS204748 announce ANY
to AS62352 announce ANY
to AS199434 announce ANY
to AS3348 announce ANY
to AS209190 announce ANY
to AS202125 announce ANY
to AS20905 announce ANY
to AS207405 announce ANY
to AS59403 announce ANY
to AS30937 announce ANY
to AS208823 announce ANY
to AS209259 announce ANY
to AS2606 announce ANY
to AS43388 announce ANY
to AS15937 announce ANY
to AS48864 announce ANY
to AS202915 announce ANY
to AS24624 announce ANY
to AS60551 announce ANY
to AS206642 announce ANY
to AS208569 announce ANY
to AS200336 announce ANY
to AS50429 announce ANY
to AS44998 announce ANY
to AS210944 announce ANY
to AS211093 announce ANY
to AS209858 announce ANY
to AS39551 announce ANY
to AS60609 announce ANY
to AS13137 announce ANY
to AS207191 announce ANY
to AS47312 announce ANY
organisation ORG-ULt1-RIPE
org-name Orange Espagne SA
country ES
org-type LIR
address Paseo del Club Deportivo 1- Edificio 8. Planta 1 Parque Empresarial La Finca
Parque Empresarial La Finca
Edificio 9
Paseo del Club Deportivo, 1
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcon
Madrid, Spain
phone +34912521200
fax-no +34656155743
abuse-c AFH12-RIPE
role Hostmaster Administrator FTE
nic-hdl HAF10-RIPE
abuse-mailbox [email protected]