Whois: OOO WestCall Ltd.

Hosting Company: OOO WestCall Ltd.
Hosting ASN: AS8595
Hosting Address: 1A, Semenovskaya ploschad,107023,Moscow,RUSSIAN FEDERATION,WestCall Ltd,1a, Semenovskaya sq.,Moscow, Russia,
Hosting Country: Russian Federation, Moscow

OOO WestCall Ltd. ip ranges

# Range CDIR Ip count Name Location
1 - 8,192 RU-WEST-CALL-20100528 Russian Federation
2 - 8,192 RU-WEST-CALL-971204 Russian Federation, Moscow
3 - 4,096 RU-WEST-CALL-20091029 Russian Federation

OOO WestCall Ltd. domains (0 total)

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OOO WestCall Ltd. users

# IP OS Browser Updated
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Whois AS8595
info % This is the RIPE Database query service.% The objects are in RPSL format.%% The RIPE Database is subject to Terms and Conditions.% To receive output for a database update, use the "-B" flag.% Information related to 'AS8525 - AS8769'% Information related to 'AS8595'% Abuse contact for 'AS8595' is '[email protected]'% This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.105 (DEXTER)
% See http //www.ripe.net/db/support/db-terms-conditions.pdf
% Note this output has been filtered.
as-block AS8525 - AS8769
descr RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
Moscow, Russia

# advertising prefix control
# 8595:300x all upstreams and peers
# 8595:310x all peers
# 8595:311x msk-ix
# 8595:312x data-ix
# 8595:313x peering
# 8595:318x w-ix
# 8595:350x all upstreams
# 8595:352x BEELINE
# 8595:355x INETCOM
# 8595:356x IHOME
# 8595:357x RASCOM
# 8595:359x RETN
# where
# x=0 - do not announce
# x=1 - announce
# x=2,3,4 - prepend 1,2,3 times
# 8595:666 blackholing for /32 prefixes.
# Inbound prefixes longer than /24 are not accepted.

NOC working time:
09:30-18:00 MSK workdays
Contact addresses:
routing issues: [email protected]
abuse issues: [email protected]
helpdesk: [email protected]
created 2018-11-22T15:27:23Z
last-modified 2018-11-22T15:27:23Z
source RIPE
RIPE # Filtered
RIPE # Filtered
RIPE # Filtered
aut-num AS8595
import from AS3216 accept ANY
from AS9002 accept ANY
from AS20764 accept ANY
from AS25478 accept ANY
from AS8631 accept AS-MSKROUTESERVER
from AS3249 accept AS-ESTPAK
from AS6939 accept AS-HURRICANE
from AS8470 accept AS-MACOMNET
from AS28917 accept AS-FIORD
from AS43727 accept AS-SETKT
from AS50384 accept AS-W-IX
from AS50952 accept AS-DATAIX
from AS8641 accept AS-NAUKANET
from AS13094 accept AS-MILECOM-RS
from AS15169 accept AS-GOOGLE
from AS39221 accept AS-ITOOLABS
from AS35598 accept AS-ICNET
from AS12418 accept AS12418
from AS25531 accept AS-INTINFORM
from AS28741 accept AS28741
from AS29124 accept AS-7SKY
from AS30768 accept AS30768
from AS30784 accept AS-ISKRATELECOM
from AS31370 accept AS-MOSLINE
from AS35631 accept AS35631
from AS33987 accept AS33987
from AS34123 accept AS-NETORN
from AS34300 accept AS34300
from AS34832 accept AS34832
from AS35571 accept AS35571
from AS41443 accept AS41443
from AS42678 accept AS-MEGANET
from AS42696 accept AS-UNITYNET
from AS43267 accept AS-LINETEL
from AS43319 accept AS43319
from AS43537 accept AS43537
from AS43917 accept AS43917
from AS44126 accept AS44126
from AS44199 accept AS44199
from AS44849 accept AS44849
from AS47156 accept AS47156
from AS44759 accept AS44759
from AS47441 accept AS-TRUNKMOBILE
from AS47652 accept AS-SUPERJOB
from AS48050 accept AS48050
from AS48347 accept AS48347
from AS48848 accept AS-MCM
from AS49377 accept AS49377
from AS49825 accept AS-LANTEK
from AS50283 accept AS50283
from AS50513 accept AS50513
from AS50516 accept AS50516
from AS50608 accept AS50608
from AS50644 accept AS50644
from AS50713 accept AS-FWDTELECOM
from AS50946 accept AS50946
from AS51884 accept AS-TERATEL-SET
from AS51893 accept AS51893
from AS56477 accept AS-NTKLtd
from AS56483 accept AS56483
from AS56690 accept AS56690
from AS57186 accept AS57186
from AS57824 accept AS-METRONET-MSK
from AS57867 accept AS57867
from AS57996 accept AS57996
from AS58284 accept AS58284
from AS58091 accept AS58091
from AS60642 accept AS60642
from AS60691 accept AS60691
from AS60771 accept AS60771
from AS60904 accept AS-ATSCOM
from AS61375 accept AS61375
from AS61991 accept AS61991
from AS62115 accept AS62115
from AS62410 accept AS62410
from AS196641 accept AS196641
from AS197987 accept AS197987
from AS198062 accept AS198062
from AS198770 accept AS198770
from AS199502 accept AS199502
from AS200662 accept AS200662
from AS200743 accept AS200743
from AS201182 accept AS201182
from AS202857 accept AS202857 AS200028
from AS203401 accept AS203401
from AS203504 accept AS203504
from AS203766 accept AS203766
from AS204067 accept AS204067
from AS204117 accept AS204117
from AS204159 accept AS204159
from AS204305 accept AS204305
from AS204848 accept AS204848
from AS208003 accept AS208003
from AS208587 accept AS-ZVITELECOM
from AS209930 accept AS-DATASPACE-MSK
from AS210698 accept AS210698
from AS210899 accept AS210899
from AS211605 accept AS211605
export to AS3216 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS9002 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS20764 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS25478 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS8631 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS3249 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS6939 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS8470 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS28917 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS43727 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS50384 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS50952 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS8641 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS13094 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS15169 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS39221 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS35598 announce AS-WESTCALL-MSK
to AS12418 announce ANY
to AS25531 announce ANY
to AS28741 announce ANY
to AS29124 announce ANY
to AS30768 announce ANY
to AS30784 announce ANY
to AS31370 announce ANY
to AS35631 announce ANY
to AS33987 announce ANY
to AS34123 announce ANY
to AS34300 announce ANY
to AS34832 announce ANY
to AS35571 announce ANY
to AS41443 announce ANY
to AS42678 announce ANY
to AS42696 announce ANY
to AS43267 announce ANY
to AS43319 announce ANY
to AS43537 announce ANY
to AS43917 announce ANY
to AS44126 announce ANY
to AS44199 announce ANY
to AS44849 announce ANY
to AS47156 announce ANY
to AS44759 announce ANY
to AS47441 announce ANY
to AS47652 announce ANY
to AS48050 announce ANY
to AS48347 announce ANY
to AS48848 announce ANY
to AS49377 announce ANY
to AS49825 announce ANY
to AS50283 announce ANY
to AS50513 announce ANY
to AS50516 announce ANY
to AS50608 announce ANY
to AS50644 announce ANY
to AS50713 announce ANY
to AS50946 announce ANY
to AS51884 announce ANY
to AS51893 announce ANY
to AS56477 announce ANY
to AS56483 announce ANY
to AS56690 announce ANY
to AS57186 announce ANY
to AS57824 announce ANY
to AS57867 announce ANY
to AS57996 announce ANY
to AS58284 announce ANY
to AS58091 announce ANY
to AS60642 announce ANY
to AS60691 announce ANY
to AS60771 announce ANY
to AS60904 announce ANY
to AS61375 announce ANY
to AS61991 announce ANY
to AS62115 announce ANY
to AS62410 announce ANY
to AS196641 announce ANY
to AS197987 announce ANY
to AS198062 announce ANY
to AS198770 announce ANY
to AS199502 announce ANY
to AS200662 announce ANY
to AS200743 announce ANY
to AS201182 announce ANY
to AS202857 announce ANY
to AS203401 announce ANY
to AS203504 announce ANY
to AS203766 announce ANY
to AS204067 announce ANY
to AS204117 announce ANY
to AS204159 announce ANY
to AS204305 announce ANY
to AS204848 announce ANY
to AS208003 announce ANY
to AS208587 announce ANY
to AS209930 announce ANY
to AS210698 announce ANY
to AS210899 announce ANY
to AS211605 announce ANY
admin-c WCN-RIPE
tech-c WCN-RIPE
organisation ORG-WL4-RIPE
org-name OOO WestCall Ltd.
country RU
org-type LIR
address 1A, Semenovskaya ploschad
WestCall Ltd
1a, Semenovskaya sq.
Moscow, Russia
phone +74957211700
+7 495 647 0011
+7 495 721 1700
fax-no +74957211701
+7 495 721 1701
abuse-c WCN-RIPE
role WestCall NOC
abuse-mailbox [email protected]
nic-hdl WCN-RIPE