Whois: jfearn.fedorapeople.org

Name: jfearn.fedorapeople.org
Rank Rank by top level domain: # 71656 of 1,000,000 domains
IP Address:
Linked IPv6 Address: 2600:2701:4000:5211:dead:beef:a7:9474
IP Location: United States United States, Chapel Hill
IP Reverse DNS (Host): vm20.fedora.ibiblio.org
jfearn.fedorapeople.org - snapshot
Hosting Company: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hosting ASN: AS36850
Hosting IP Range: - (65536 total)
Hosting Address: North Carolina
Hosting Country: United States United States, Morrisville
Hosting CIDR:
Website Nameservers: jfearn.fedorapeople.org using 4 DNS: